Hello guys! :D

Hello guys! :D

Hey all, my name is Dea and I’m from Indonesia. This is my first blog and well this blog is created for the sake of improving my English skills through writing and also spreading my stories throughout the world. I promise I will post a lot of things from pictures, photos, and all things that I love. I hope you will keep up and not get bored of me and my post! (> w <)

Well, let’s move on a bit then.

I choose the name of Simple Little Happiness, since I want to prove to the world that a simple and small thing can brings out happiness to somebody. It maybe sounds cheesy and awkward, but I really meant that. I believe if I post a lot of things which mean a lot to me, I can touch someone’s heart and the happiness will be caught by them as well.

I’m not the type of person who can type a lot in one specific things, however, I’ll try to do my best to make an interesting posts which can be your source of happiness. And I will also try to keep up in posting a new story at least every month *since I’m a full time college student*

Enjoy this blog! \(^ w ^)/


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