Found a lovely planner to pack-up my schedule

Found a lovely planner to pack-up my schedule

Hello again guys, it’s been so long that I haven’t write again in the blog and so on, since I was in the middle of the midterms. Hopefully, i pass all of my exams, and then I can spend a lot more free time to write more in this blog. 😀

So, today I would like to show you all a bit of a planner that I love. I found it recently from iloveitall‘s etsy shop in the website. This planner is filled with a lot of paper and there are a lot of great features of it as well. Here’s the picture of it!


It’s also provided with the monthly tab to help us organize our schedule, moreover, it also consists of more than 52 pages for us to journal things every week in the whole year. The sides is bind with a big spiral to make sure that we can open it easily.Definitely will be useful for us, planner girls!

These are a bit more details from the shop

These pre-assembled, bound and ready to use Journals are created with the everyday, normal, ordinary moments of life in mind. Your monthly Gratitude mini album journal will be a delightful way to chronicle the simple joys of your year or a variety of other happenings that are equally document worthy…with a short, one line thought per day.

Your notebook with
comes to you spiral bound with an o-wire, custom designed chipboard front cover and a raw chipboard back cover for durability and is spiral bound and ready to use. Also included are patterned paper monthly tabbed pages for each of the months of the year.

This Journal contains one page for each remaining week of the year and patterned cardstock monthly tabbed pages, plus two covers.

Pages vary in size from business card size up to 4.25″ x 6.50″ and will at least include:
+ custom-designed 4.25″ x 7″ front cover
+ variety of patterned paper monthly tab pages
+ glassine bag
+ kraft bag
+ vintage book page
+ graph paper
+ guest checks
+ index cards
+ hand stamped pages
+ manuscript handwriting paper pages
+ envelopes
+ lined notebook paper
+ small neon yellow shipping tag
+ medium manila shipping tag
+ extra large green shipping tag
+ large magenta shipping tag
+ library book checkout card
+ raw chipboard back cover

…some pages may vary from those shown and many are repeated

This Journal contains one page for each week of the year and monthly tabbed pages with two raw chipboard covers.

Now, what are you waiting for? Check it out at the page soon. Grab it fast girls! 😀


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