Book Review: The Maze Runner-James Dashner

Book Review: The Maze Runner-James Dashner


Book Title : The Maze Runner (1st of The Maze Runner Trilogy)

Author : James Dashner

Pages : 375 pages

A boy was put inside a box and brought to a place called the Glade, where only boys around his age lives. All this boy remembered is his own name, Thomas, but nothing more on his past. The boys in the Glade have the same condition as him, not knowing their pasts, but had lived there longer than Thomas and called themselves Gladers. The Glade is a wide plain with some forests, and surrounded with some kind of maze that only opens on the day and closes when the sun sets. The maze is changing through the night, and there’s no guarantee that one will be save inside it until the gate is open again in the next day, as mysterious creatures, called the Grievers, are lurking inside it. And so, Thomas’ life as the Gladers started.

To keep on living in the Glade, the Gladers cooperate and assigned into some roles according to their ability. Alby, the leader of the Gladers, and Newt, Alby’s-second-in-command, maintain the orders in the Glade. The Gladers have been striving for their live for two years by themselves, and the only help they got are some supplies which are sent through the box with a new boy inside it every single month. However, their life in the Glade changes after another person is sent through the box some days just after Thomas was sent, the first girl and the last one who will be sent.

The girl fell into coma afterwards, but Thomas feels a familiarity towards that girl even he couldn’t remember anything about her. One day, Thomas heard her voice telepathically in his mind, and told him that her name is Teresa. However, Teresa’s arrival change everything in the Glade. The maze stay open through the night, and the Grievers can freely enter the Glade and killed several people. The Glade turned into a chaotic place. There’s no safe place inside the Glade anymore, and the possible exit is only through the maze. And thus, Thomas decided to solve the mystery of the maze and joined the Runners to find the way out of the Glade.

I watched the movie first before I read this book. The movie itself has such impact and thrill inside it, and it attracts me to read the whole story. However, this book has even more feels, anxiousness, and pulling me in to read more and more, even though I have understood the story line through the movie. James Dashner surely has nailed the way of attracting the readers through his work. He gave more mystery and showed it in some way that the readers still curious about the outcome. And it definitely fit in the category of book’s genre that I like, as it packed with such actions, adventures, mysteries, and thrills.

Sure, this book started off with Thomas, the main role, confused about the situation in the Glade, just as what I do in the first thing I read this book. He went through a lot of things and understand the situation bit by bit, which helped us to understand the story even better then. The writer wrote this book in a way where we can imagine how’s the live in the Glade, and how the characters of each person there is. He builds up the tension in every chapter, guided us to some new kind of developments, and leave us into curiousness and excitement to read more. The ending didn’t disappointing me at all, instead, it made me wanted to start reading the next book of the trilogy, The Scorch Trials, as soon as possible.

For the characters, James Dashner went deeper with several people other than Thomas and Teresa; such as Newt, Minho, Alby and some others. But to be honest, I didn’t like Thomas in the first place. Sure, he is the main role and all of the story is focusing on him and his thought. But he is just not the type that I would like. Instead, my most favorite character in this book is Newt. I have loved Newt since the very first time he appeared in the scene of The Maze Runner’s movie – based on his appearance at first. And after I read this book, I just can’t hold on myself to not fall in love with him even deeper with his personality. I was attracted to his kind and friendly manners, but still can be strict to keep the order in the Glade. He can understand others and keep calm through the chaos. Newt is not just a strong and smart boy with blond hair, but also has British accent! What kind of girl who will not fall with that kind of man?

The Maze Runner opened up the story veil in the trilogy series superbly, and I will definitely read the continuation of this series. It was the best novel that I read in 2015 and hopefully the next books will also give this kind of intense excitement to read over the pages! I definitely in love with James Dashner’s writings and I can’t wait to read more of his book series like The Mortality Doctrine ❤

If you want to know the continuation of the story, you can buy the book through 😀


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